Friday, May 14, 2010

Hooked on Cymatics

A link provided via twitter by @openworld, Evan Grant's TED talk "Making sound visible through cymatics" as seen at really inspired me today. It was like finding one of the pieces of the puzzle that is my personal Unified Field Theory, v0.04,

Visualize, if you will, 3 dimensional representations of the 2d techniques shown in the video. In other words, there exists extra dimensionality (at least 3d) to everything shown in the video, it's just that we can't see it displayed very well on a vibrating sheet of metal displayed onto a 2d lcd display. I propose that such harmonic interactions occur on all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, so the display you are visualizing needs to have something of a spectrometry dimension about it. Multi-pass/band tuner? Some amateur radios (usually only HF rigs) have "bandscope" displays to see where activity is in a given band. A classic spectrometer is used with light, and spectrum analyzers are used in the audio world. When the trippy high-order harmonics are created, interesting things start happening, like a Tuvan singer turning a growl into a high-pitched whistle.

Except for a ripple on a pond, wake behind a boat, rumble strip in a road, weather feature/pattern, or some other mechanical process, most of us don't seem to recognize (be aware of?) the harmonics and rhythms happening they are a part of and are reacting to, again, whether we know it or not. Affects exist as harmonic creations/aspects of others.

A Mythbusters episode, the one mentioned at, as well as the biblical Jericho perhaps, reminded me that a little resonance can go a long way. Imagine, what does the electromagnetic result of everyone's hearts beating... sing? Alien civilizations (or a deity, perhaps) listening to our broadcasts may be more interested in our biological vital signs than the original radio broadcast of "The Lone Ranger".

Perhaps humans are such a holographic display, as well as what is being displayed, for themselves and others (ie. performance). An affect of our existence?

Could we affect an earthquake by all of us humming one tone, peace with Bb major? Are Wall St. Bankers singing songs in D# minor? Stay tuned!

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