Friday, January 22, 2016

Maker Space for the Mind

A question recently came to me. What am I Training and Developing myself for?

Moments, later, it came to me, and left me stunned. This is a brief brain dump.

Resonance of Occurring
Measuring brain patterns - I propose that by measuring prominent occurrings (WOBA trigger?), thoughts that trigger other thoughts, for example, a spectrum will be revealed. Resonant ones. Like color spectrum, sound spectrum, each are resonant to each other.

What "occurring" is present for someone to "get it"?  How would things need to be present for everyone to "get it", "grok", "on the same wavelength"? Where do harmonics show up that stop us?

I am creating a Makerspace for the Mind. Collaborative, open, distributed brain activity measurement and analysis. Open Hardware and Software for exploration of the human mind/brain and Self.

I'll have my "Wave Book" notes available soon. To summarize, What is the relationship of sound, color, emotion, and thought? What can this knowing accomplish in the world?

Who will partner with me? Who is up to holding me responsible? Who will hold us responsible?

When do we want it? Now Real Soon!


Jeff Archambeault said...

Here's a link to My WaveBook Notes
Needs a domainname and a list of existing hardware.

Jeff Archambeault said...

Domain name and website up at